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Artesania Latina

Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-20356
The high quality metal and plastic modelling kit of the most important German fighter plane of World War II, Messerschmitt Bf109G, contains an exceptional aviation model that is already the most faithful replica of the market.Aimed at initiated modellers, the 1/16 scale model of the Bf109G has a..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27022-3
Designed with the user in mind, this great tool is perfect for hobbies, electronics, jewellery and many DYI repairs. Work your models with this fantastic tool that lets you to be precise.The third hand includes a flexible shaft with 5 bright LED lights, a large magnifier (90 mm/ 3,54'' diameter; 2,5..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22904
The wooden model ship kit of the French warship Soleil Royal at 1:72 scale contains one of the scale models to build most detailed on the market. This faithful replica of the ship in line of the King of France Louis XIV has a large number of decorative details both on the stern and on the bow, as we..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22517
On 21st March 1780, the young Marques de La Fayette embarked on the Hermione, setting sail for America to fight alongside the American insurgents in the struggle for their independence.Two years earlier, at the Rochefort Arsenal, in a building berth close to the Corderie Royale, work had begun on t..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22520
Build the wooden ship model kit of Endeavour at 1:65 scale, an emblematic British boat of the 18th century maritime exploration. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the real ship. It is aimed at advanced modelers.We pr..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22416
The wooden model ship kit of the American schooner Harvey at 1:60 scale cannot be missing on the collection of faithful ship replicas of any modeler. Our modelers friends have always asked for it to come back to our warehouses. The model is aimed at hobbyists with an intermediate level of skills to ..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27000
The set can be used for modelling ship.The set contains:- Drill chuck with hand drill and bit 1mm- Scissors- Nail nailer- Sanding block- Cutters- Sanding block- Pliers..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22165
Discover the Sultan, a wooden model kit of this traditional Arab dhow of the Arabian Peninsula, Indian and East African coasts. An essential instrument in trade and the spreading of the Islamic faith, the Dhow was used primarily as a cargo vessel, from grain and fish to slaves or minerals. Guided by..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22905
Discover the Santa Ana, a wooden model made of this famous ship of the line of the Spanish Armada of the 18th century. Armed with 112 guns, she was the prototype of a series of 8 identical ships that constitute the spirit of the Navy. Guided by our detailed step by step instructions you can complete..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-20515
Build the renewed 1:80 scale model of the classic King of the Mississippi paddle steamer. Its system of construction by means of false keel and frames wil help you to build your model in the same way than the construction of the real ship.The model ship kit contains all the parts the modeler needs..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22411
Discover the Santa Maria, a wooden model kit from the biggest and the flagship of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492. Built in the shipyards of Colliders (Cantabria), she was the only ship of the expedition who did not return from the trip after..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22410
Build the wooden model of the caravel La Nina. The model kit includes all parts you need: hand-sewn sails, threads, wood, metal, prefabricated wooden pieces... In addiction to a complete and detailed full colour set of instructions that will guide you in the construction. Discover the conditions in ..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22110
The Swift was an early 19th century Virginia pilot boat. Light-weight and over powered twin master ship, she safely guided larger incoming vessels into port.Pilot boats technical features let the great naval powers of the time to enlarge them creating the famous Baltimore Clippers class.This kit inc..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22175
Build the redesigned 1:50 scale model in wood of the Marie Jeanne, the precious and traditional French tuna boat. This renewed wooden model ship kit is aimed at those who have an intermediate level of basic knowledge of tools and materials, as well as those who want a first contact with rigging task..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22401
Discover Le Renard, a wooden model kit of the cutter launched in Saint Malo in 1812 by the famous corsair Robert Surcouf with the main objective to attack and capture trading enemy ships in France. His actions and his legacy to the city of Saint Malo converted Le Renard into a symbol of the strong F..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22115
Renewed 2022 naval modeling kit with the wooden model ship of the American schooner called Virginia at 1:41 scale. It can be built more accurately and easily - than the previous scale model -.Aimed at modelers who want to get started on naval modeling. Much more enjoyable and easy assembly experie..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-19019
This is a model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required...
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22125
Build your 1:35 scale model kit of Botter, a traditional fishing boat from the island of Marken. Its construction using a false keel and frames brings the assembly of the model closer to the construction of the real ship. Now, enjoy its improved assembly experience, much more enjoyable and easier! E..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22260
HISTORY OF SPANISH TRAINING SHIP JUAN SEBASTIAN ELCANODiscover the Juan Sebastian Elcano made by Artesania Latina, the renewed wooden and plastic model of this representative schooner brig sailboat Spanish. It is named after the Spanish explorer Juan Sebastian Elcano, captain of the expedition -af..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22452
Enjoy building the San Francisco II, a wooden model kit of this stunning Spanish galleon. The galleons were the most powerful ships of their time and backbone of Spanish sea power during the XVI and XVII centuries. It includes the best multimedia instructions with video tutorials and more than 1,000..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-19001
The Viking is a model with a lot of history. Who has not been amazed to admire these sculptural ships in museums or movies and think of the courage and bravery of the crew to navigate inhospitable and dangerous seas. The Vikings were the first Europeans to reach America several hundred years before ..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22519
Build the wooden model of the Belem, the French training ship of 1896. The modelling kit of the last great French yacht of the nineteenth century contains a 1/75 scale model. Still sailing, the Belem, jewel of the French maritime heritage, is a living legend and a witness of a bygone era. With more ..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-22411F
To give caravels and galleons ship models even more realism: a kit of 10 metal figurines of the crew members 1/65 scale, ready to be assembled and painted. The figurine kit includes the following characters and ranges:- Christopher Columbus.- Juan de la Cosa.- Martin Alonso P..
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27001
The set contains:- Plank bender- Mini hammer- Tweezers- Rasp- Pliers- Rule..
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