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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72257
The set contains two super detailed 1:72 scale wicker seats that were sometimes installed in a number of WWI British aircraft. Sopwith Camel, Pup, Triplane, S.E.5, DH.2, R.E.8, and more. They were a special order item from a catalogue, and were well liked by RFC pilots. Master patterns by Michael O'..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48260
Two different super detailed 1/48 scale wicker seats as fitted to many WWI British aircraft. Sopwith Camel, Pup, Triplane, S.E.5a, DH.2, R.E.8, and more. Master patterns by Michael O'Hare...
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32332
This set contains a super detailed resin wicker seat with open weave strip and a choice of both plain leather and tufted 5 button padded seat cushion. This set replaces the kit seat with a very simple modification to the kit floor in the WNW Sopwith Camel. A big visual improvement for a few minutes ..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32219
This set consists of a super detailed, resin cast "raised cockpit" Corsair seat with molded-in American style harness & stitching decals. The harness is naturally draped and has plenty of relief to make painting easy. Painted up, this seat will rival the look of the best separate seat belt set insta..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32142
This set features a super detailed, accurate resin seat with quilted backpad. Even the open seat back and supporting springs are represented. Created from close study of an actual seat. For the PCM Tempest V and other Tempest kits. Also perfect for the 1/32 Revell Typhoon..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-24204
This set contains one piece of resin seat with much extra detail such as rivets, seams, strengthening plates and ribs and leather guard. Seat also features a molded-in accurate late war Q-style harness. The harness is molded in high relief with a slight undercut to make painting a pleasure. As fitte..
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Brand: Reskit SKU: RSU72-0158
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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