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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE35104
Contains: 4.3-foot Hawser Reels, 3-foot Wire Cable Reels, 2.5-foot Wire Cable Reels, 2.5-foot Hawser Reels, 2.5-foot Cordage Reels, 2.75-foot Hose Reels, 18-inch Cordage Reels, 2-foot Wire Cable Reels, 15-inch Cordage Reels...
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE3510
Contains: 112 scale feet Inclined ladders with handrails,50 feet of double width inclined ladders with handrails and centre handrail,230 scale feet of vertical ladders with handraills, 2 x boarding ladders and platforms with handrails and boarding ladder davits, 106 feet of catwalks and railings, 11..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE7232
Contains correct pattern flood, drain and vent holes to fit into hulls of both Revell 1/72 Type VI kits.Contains: 2 different patterns of Cheek Plates, Main Floods, Torpedo Doors, Saddle Trio Floods, Side Floods, Bow Round Floods (paired & unpaired types), Bow Slots, Side Curved Round Vents, Aerial..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE7205
This item is a set of photo-etched metal detailing parts for use with ship models. A set of high-quality photoetched brass parts to accurize and superdetail Revell's 1/72 scale Elco PT Boat (boxed as the PT-109 and others). This one set will truly make your PT Boat a standout. Some modification o..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE7203
There are two frets in different thicknesses. This set contains: 20mm Fittings, Aft Torpedo Loading Hatch, Amidships Deck Hatches, Attack Periscope Mount Footbars, Ballast Tank Vents, Biscay Cross, Bollard Tops, Bow Lower Cable Cutter, Bow Torpedo Tube Doors, Bow Upper Cable Cutter, Cable Tensioners..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-776
This is a brass detail set for all three of the Yorktown class aircraft carriers: Yorktown, Hornet and Enterprise. Radars (1940 -1945) are included along with cranes, jump nets fore and aft, funnel grills, flight deck windbreaks rails and 20mm guns and more. Flight deck outriggers, flight deck safet..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE789
This set contains CXAM antenna assembly, CXAM-1 antenna assembly, SK antenna assembly, SK-2 antenna assembly, SA antenna assembly, SC antenna, SR antenna, SC-2/SC-4 antenna assembly, SM/SM-1 antenna assembly, SP antenna assembly, Mk 25 fire control antenna, Mk 3 fire control antenna, Mk 8 fire cont..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE777
This set contains Fronts, insides and frames for: standard watertight doors, rectangular clipped access panels, oval access panels, small and large waffle pattern quick release doors and plain quick release doors. Also waffle pattern hatch insides, outsides and frames, large and small hatches with f..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-706
This set contains several different types of WWII US Naval radars. It can be used for one battleship, cruiser or carrier.Includes: - CXAM-1, SK, SR, SR-1 and SC search radars - 2x Mk 3 and 2x Mk 8 main battery fire control radars- 4x Mk 4/12 radars with the Mk 22 "orange peel." More details which ca..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE725
This set contains: Jack and ensign staffs, depth charge racks, accommodation ladders and davits, 3-bar rails, 2-bar rails, girder supports, boat davits and chocks, gunnery radars, 281 arrays, main and foremast platform/supports, main and foremast starfish, single Oerlikons and shields, Walrus underc..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE7120
The set contains: Railings (Focsle Deck), Railings (Quarterdeck), Railings (Crane Decks), Railings (Radar Office Roof), Railings (Catapult Deck Fwd.), Railings (Catapult Deck Aft), Railings (Shelter Deck Outer), Railings (Shelter Deck Inner), Railings (Boat Deck Aft), Railings (Fore Mast Platform), ..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-771
Suitable for WWII 1/700 scale German destroyers. This set contains details for Dragon kit Z-39/Z-38/Z-31 and Trumpeter kit Z-25/Z-43/Z-21/Z-30/Z-37/Z-7/Z-28 as well as parts for HP Z-1/Z-9/Z-10 and Samek Z-17/Z-19. The details are enough to complete two kits. Can be used to Tamiya/Pit-Road/Revell/Ma..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-750
This set is designed for Dragon and MiniHobby models. It contains rails, catapults, cranes, flag booms and more.More details which can be separately purchased from sets:TOM-753 - Naval doorsTOM-759 - Deck details..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-717
This set is designed for the San Francisco/New Orleans class of cruiser. It contains both types of searchlight tower that these ships carried as well as prop guards, boat cranes and more. More details which can be separately purchased from sets:TOM-706 - For associated radarsTOM-715 - For catapultsT..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-770
Detail set for the 1/700 Academy Titanic kit. This set contains skylights, compass platform legs, vent grills, funnel ladders with whistle platforms, crane booms, Fidley grills, and a ship's wheel...
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE737
HMS Manchester, HMS York, HMS Sheffield, & HMS Exeter, with enough parts for one standard and one stretched ship...
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE776
*No Instructions.Parts List Only*This set contains 3-bar RN standard railings, 3-bar short length railings, shaped fo'c'sle railings, liferaft canister racks, funnel gaff, maintopmast antenna, flight deck panel, forward platforms (late fit), forward platform supports, midship deckhouse platforms, bo..
US$16.65 20 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE793
Improved and expanded set, for the Trumpeter/Skywave kits. This set contains stock 3-bar, 2-bar platform, main deck and foc'sle deck railings; 282 gunnery radar antenna, bridge canopy, searchlight platform assembly, 276 radar antenna, two types of lattice foremast assembly, tripod foretopmast yardar..
US$18.73 17 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE727
The set includes lattice mast for late war fits. This set contains parts to cover both early and late fits for all 3 classes: Upswept bow rails, 3-bar rails, 2-bar rails, inclined ladders, vertical ladders, quad pom-pom, quad 0.5 inch machine guns, boat davits, telegraphs, boat chocks, depth charge ..
US$13.87 20 % OFF
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-782
Suitable for Revell Olympic 1/700 kit in 1911 fit and Revell Titanic. This set contains 5 different styles of rails, separate gates, and special bow rails. Also includes ratlines and inclined ladders. Set TOM-769 with instructions re-mastered for the Olympic...
US$20.82 18 % OFF
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-781
This set contains all the details you need to enhance kit "Old Reliable" in 1911 fit - skylights, compass platform legs, vent grills, funnel ladders with whistle platforms, crane booms, Fidley grills, even a ship's wheel. The set TOM-770 with instructions re-mastered for the Olympic. It is also suit..
US$17.34 18 % OFF
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