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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 81787
Tamiya acrylic paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush painting or air-brushing. These paints can be used on styrene resins, Styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics. The paint covers well, flows smoothly, and can be blended easily. Prior to..
Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87193
This product is a one-stop shop for all your decal needs, combining the popular Decal Adhesive (Item T87176) with the softening substance used in Item T87135 Mark Fit (Strong). It is formulated to help avoid the "silvering" of decals. This item works as an adhesive, allowing application of decals ..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87137
This new cement is specially formulated for use with ABS plastic parts such as the masts in 1/350 scale ship model kits, which cannot be attached with normal plastic cement. This cement can also be used to cement ABS plastic parts to styrene parts. The bottle's cap has an applicator brush to ensure ..
Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 32601
The new mold authentically captures the form of Challenger 2 with canvas skirts on side hull, square muffler cover and Combat Identification Panel. Moving main gun features realistic elevation. Weld lines and side skirts' ripples are faithfully depicted. Features plastic chassis. Assembly type tra..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87151
This water-based coating varnish is intended for use on surfaces which have been painted with a gloss finish, enhancing the lustre and also helping to prevent unsightly fingerprints being imprinted on the surface.Product Functions:- Helps to mask small abrasions and scratches on the surface.- It is ..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87067
The set contains TM 87046, TM 87047 and TM 87048.The HF Standard Set is for those who wish to gain a more beautiful and impressive finish on their model, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts.Comes with High Finish Flat Brush No.0, High Finish Flat Brush No.2 and High Finish Pointed Br..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74040
This is an optimal knife for finish of the fine parting line of parts. The blade edge finishes delicately which makes it durable in use...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74084
These bending pliers are perfect for small photo-etched parts which have no identifiable bending lines. The flat tip of these pliers will give any modeler peace of mind as even if the PE parts are held firmly, they will not be scratched. When bending PE parts at right angles, sometimes the bent sect..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74060
This mini hammer comes with exchangeable nylon, brass, and iron (flat & round) heads. Switch the heads to get precise performance tailored to the subject that you are working on...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87130
This masking sticker product is ideal for various tasks such as masking off areas on R/C models, static models, and craft creations for painting...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74108
This precision tweezers is made from high-quality SUS410 stainless steel. Its rounded tips enable easy handling and will reduce the chance of causing accidental damage the object being held. Length: 120mm...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74047
These precision made stainless steel tweezers are ideal for handling small, delicate plastic model parts. An angled type which can access hard to reach areas and a straight type which directly transmits finger movements to the tip for optimum control are available..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74111
This handy tool is perfect for modifying plastic models or Mini 4WD machines, as well as woodcraft. Its blades are slightly thicker than Item 74018 Mini Razor Saw and therefore less prone to distortion or warping. The item includes 2 blades of different width, and features fine teeth which enable it..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87014
FEATURES: - High quality, easy to use performance.- Made of fine horse hair from Chinese and American horses.- Off-white colored bristles.- This brush would better be used for painting medium sized areas.- Natural colored wood handle.- Burgundy imprint.Specifications:- Length: 8-1/2"- Bristle Width:..
Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87109
By Coating your Diorama base with our water-based texture paint, you can create rough expressions and uneven surfaces. A coating dry time is aprox. 4-5 hours- This water-based paint features a paste-like texture with special resin particles for recreating dirt surfaces. - Paste-like consistency..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74020
Compared with a cutter knife, this knife features sharp angle at the edge. It can be used to cut in fine portions conveniently, such as a slide mark and a cut of a masking tape...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74052
Ideal for not only small decals but also capable of delicately holding larger decals without damaging them. Larger decals can be easily held by the lower part of the tip, while smaller ones can be grasped delicately with the tweezer tips...
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 87176
This is Tamiya decal adhesive. It is perfect for giving adhesive power to decals which have sat too long in water and lost their stickiness or become prone to "silvering," when the clear face of the decals whitens.Product Features:- Simply apply to the area of the model where the decal is to be plac..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74104
This handy file set contains 3 double-cut files with black rubber grips which provide a smooth finish desired on plastic scale models, Mini 4WD models and even metal surfaces. The files can be stored in the accompanying vinyl case to keep them safe from damage.The set contains 3 types of file: round..
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 32584
This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.The Panzer IV was one of the most feared weapons in WWII, and would serve German forces throughout the conflict in the guise of a number of variants. Th..
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