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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-23086
The roof tiles (so-called double-hollow brick) all match the original details. In each package contains the roof tiles (or pans) as well as the ridge tiles...
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-20013
Contains 50 sandbags made out of cotton. Fully paintable.Note: This set does NOT include armour kit...
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-23288
The Cornstalks are putted in a clear plastic container; there are 50 pieces per container. Each stalk is injection molded plastic and made from a dark green soft styrene. 3.94 inch tall and measure approximately 2.8 inch across. These are injection molded plastic.Note: Placing the cornstalks into a ..
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-23035
Dimensions (single brick): 0.72 x 0.36 x 0.18cmThe brick format - most of the stones were built in this format in Germany hersgestellt 1850-1950Material: CeramicWith these bricks you can create any dioramas. The bricks have very good quality to build any model construction and are therefore to use f..
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-25025
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-25023
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-25024
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24225
Material: CeramicTHEY ARE OFTEN HIDDEN; SOMETIMES OVERGROWN; MOSTLY WEATHERED - BUT USUALLY FOUND SOMEWHERE.PERFECT FOR MODELLING AND PERFECT FOR THE DIORAMA: For model railways, as a signpost, as a guide, as a detail.Subsequent painting is possible with any colour; they can also be easily p..
Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24224
Material: CeramicThe easy handling of these blocs makes the usage so versatile - in agriculture and farming, road construction, to separate bulk materials, as load.Arbitrarily placed on top of each other, completely individual possibilities arise in the diorama and in the model construction desi..
Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24105
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24104
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24126
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24099
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-24098
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