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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-25045
JUWEELINIS"Diorama"10er MIXTURE JUWEELA'SSometimes as a model maker I don't know which material is right for my diorama.Or for a project you don't need much, but you need a lot of different material.Or I would like to try something first.Or I love the variety. Or I want to give away s..
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-28380
FLEXYWAYTRACK GAP OLD TOWN COBBLESTONE(endless segment)The gap segments are cut out with a cutter/scalpel and simply placed in the track gap on the sleepers.If a radius is required, the segment can be cut in the transverse joints, except for a small remnant inside the curve. The now loose..
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-28369
FLEXYWAYSMALL PLASTER / GUTTERFlexyway are solid Juweela stones that sit individually on a thin carrier film. This makes the entire segment flexible in itself. Each stone can be removed individually: potholes, damage, craters or the construction site can be where you want them.The se..
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