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1/24 Carbon Fiber Plain Weave Black on Pewter Decals
Brand: Scale Motorsport SKU: SMS 1424
How to apply water-slide decals:1. Preparation: to achieve better result, a gloss or semi-gloss coat is very important. It will make a smooth layer which the decals will suction to and make it much easier to apply and set them.2. Cut out the decal you need (do it on cutting mat)3. Grab the decal wit..
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Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-4510
The mesh hole size is around 1.5x1.2mm. Size of this item is around 9.2 cm x 11.2 cm...
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1302
Tyre, wheel and back pack (truck tyre) Overall height: 30.6mm Width: 8.4mm Wheel opening: 17mm Tread width: 6mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1039
Tyre, wheel and back pack (pro/street) RearOverall Width: 19mmTread width: 14.2mmDiameter: 31mmFrontOverall Width: 9mmTread width: 8.6mmDiameter: 25.6mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1080
Tyre x 4 (salt flat) Fronts:Inner Diameter= 15.5mm Outer Diameter= 26.9mm Tyre Width=7.2mm Rears:Inner Diameter=15.6mm Outer Diameter=29.2mm Tyre width=8.6mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1087
Tyre x 4 (prostreet) Rear Overall height: 34mm Wheel opening: 15.4-16.8mmdifferent on each side Width: 21.4mmWall height: 8-9mm.Front Overall height: 26mmWheel opening: 15.2mmWidth: 7.5mmWall height: 5mm..
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