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1/200 RMS Titanic Detail-up Deluxe Pack for Trumpeter kits
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Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-20020
20 X High Quality Photo Etched Parts1 X Pre-painted Photo Etched Part111 X Turned Brass Metal Parts292 X 3D Printed High Quality Resin Parts23 X Cast Resin Parts1 X Stained Glass Sheet (Transparent Film)Full Wooden deck180 X 3D Printed High Quality Resin Figure (Designed ..
US$345.24 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-20002
Description* Large Sized Full Wooden Deck* 11 X Large Sized Full Detailed Brass Photo Etched Parts* 1 X Pre-Painted Color Etched Part* 116 High Detailed Brass Metal Parts* 42 Resin Parts* Water Slide Decal* Metal Chain..
US$297.85 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MA-72010
2 X High Quality Resin Part..
US$14.18 22 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MS-35029
Conent: 2x brass photo-etched sheets - 1x stencil mask sheet - 1x white metal part..
US$31.11 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-70010
This set includes: Laser Cutted Wooden sheets Photo-Etched Parts..
US$32.46 18 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MA-48050
1 X Pre-Painted Photo Etched Part1 X Luminous Water Slide Decal4 X Turned Metal Parts4 X Resin Tires..
US$27.72 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MS-35036
Including:* 1 Brass Photo Etched sheet* 1 White Metal Part* This product replacement for the MS-35008 with some changed composition...
US$25.69 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MS-35041
Note: This set does NOT include a ship kit.The set contains:- 11x Large sized photo-etched parts - stainless steel and brass- 3x Pre-Painted colour photo-etched parts- 172x Turned metal parts - alminum and brass- 27x Resin parts- 2x Cast white metal parts- Metal chain..
US$291.75 14 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MS-35022
* 3 x Large sized brass photo etched parts* 1 x Large sized stainless steel photo etched parts* Small sized wooden sheet* 4 page colour instructions..
US$76.47 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MS-35034
Brass Photo Etched Part..
US$10.80 20 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-35024
Description* 4 Brass Photo Etched Parts* 1 Stainless Steel Photo Etched Part* 2 Wooden Deck Sheets* 44 Brass Metal Parts* 62 White Metal Parts* 1 Resin Part* 1 Gold parts (14k Real Gold)..
US$204.42 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-35022
Note: This set does NOT include model kit. Brass Photo Etched Part 3 SheetsBrass Metal Barrel 25 partsMetal ChainWooden Deck Sheets..
US$79.85 17 % OFF
Brand: MK1 Design SKU: MD-35006
This set includes:Laser Cutted Wooden sheets Photo-Etched Parts..
US$43.29 18 % OFF
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