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Brand: Excel SKU: EX 90001
Excel Blades Precision Cutting Mat Kit- Excel Blades Precision Cutting Kit is the quintessential beginner's set for any artist. - Each set comes with a 8.5" x 12" cutting mat and an Excel Blades K1 Aluminum Knife, and 5 pack of #11 replacement blades. - The mat designed with a clear 1 inch Grid P..
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Brand: Italeri SKU: IT50833
Made in precision laser cut MDF - Space for paints, slots for tools, brushes & water pot - Lightweight & portable with built-in handles - Dimensions:46cm x 39cm x12cm - Easy to assemble - A3 cutting mat included..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-7800
The FIRST STEPS SET contains all the necessary materials for the assembly, masking, and decal application on your models, both for beginners and more experienced modellers. These products offer the highest quality and simplicity of use to ensure a perfect finish when preparing your kits for the pain..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27001
The set contains:- Plank bender- Mini hammer- Tweezers- Rasp- Pliers- Rule..
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Brand: Academy SKU: AC 15925
Academy Tools Series Basic Assembly Tool Set Contents & Features Sprue cutter: Specialized for plastic, heat treated so that it cuts the part clean. PVC handle gives a good grip. Bent Tweezers: Precisely processed to pick small parts and decals. Stick Sandpaper: Sandpaper with backplate, to flatt..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9013
Basic toolkit for beginners, advanced modellers or anyone interested in this hobby that requires precision tools. It includes: - Straight tweezers - Cutting pliers - Cutter with replacement blades and safety cap - Metal file..
Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27003
The set is designed for wood modelling and any type of craft or hobby.Product Details:- The set includes: Modelling cutter: No.1 essential tool with as many uses as you can imagine. Brush: For detailed paintings. Metal hammer: Tool with lots and known uses. White glue: Basic adhesive for pa..
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Multi-tool - ONE for Groove and Rivet
Brand: Dream Model SKU: DRE-DMTOOL-5
One pen and four heads(1 for groove, 3 for rivet)..
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Basic Hobby Tool Set
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Brand: Meng SKU: MENG-MTS003
When modellers want to build plastic models, it's important to have some easy-to-use tools. This is especially important for beginners.The MTS-003 Basic Hobby Tool Set is specially prepared for beginners. This set includes a piece of side cutters, a hobby knife (including 12 spare blades), a flat fi..
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Basic Hand Tool Set
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27000
The set can be used for modelling ship.The set contains:- Drill chuck with hand drill and bit 1mm- Scissors- Nail nailer- Sanding block- Cutters- Sanding block- Pliers..
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Precision Modelling Tool Set (16-in-1) Vol.3
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Brand: U Star SKU: UA-90076
Set contains: 1x slotted screwdriver1x crossed screwdriver1x flat file1x round file1x half round file1x 3 angle file1x square file1x anti-static straight tweezer1x anti-static curved tweezer1x precision side cutter1x hobby knife (45-degree) with 15 blades1x hobby knife (30-degree) with 15 blades1x c..
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Professional Hand Tool Set
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Brand: Artesania Latina SKU: ART-27002
Professional tool kit II. The set includes tools to take the hobby practice and/or crafts to a more advanced level.The set contains:- Two blade handles- Cutters- 9 blades- Cut saw- Mitre joint- Brush- Cutting plate..
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RC Tool Set (8pcs): Screwdrivers, Box Wrench, Hex Wrench, Screws
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74085
This R/C tool set is great for assembling R/C models and includes medium and large sized screwdrivers (+), a screwdriver (-), 5.5mm and 7mm box wrench, and three hex wrenches of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. Also included is a removable grip which can be connected to each screwdriver. The stand and the tra..
Portable Tools Set for Drilling: 2mm Drill, 2mm (+) Screwdriver, Reamer
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74057
This very handy pocket-sized tool set features a 2mm drill, 2mm (+) screwdriver, and reamer, for making, punching and screwing into 2mm holes, whether that be on Tamiya R/C or Mini 4WD car models...
Complete Anime Modellers Set
Future Release
Brand: Delta SKU: DL21005
The Complete Anime Modellers Set contains everything included in the 21004 set, and adds a No 1 Light Duty Knife, 4 pcs of PaintClips and GSI Creos Mr Hobby MC124 Model Cement, Delta 64002 Straight Tweezers, all contained in a reusable plastic storage case...
Basic Tool Set MK816: Side Cutters, Angled Tweezers, Screwdrivers, Craft Knife, File
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Brand: Tamiya SKU: TM 74016
This set contains the basic, indispensable tools for model and craft work: A pair of side cutters for plastic, angled tweezers, small (+) and (-) screwdrivers, a craft knife and a file, all neatly packed in a handy plastic case...
Anime Modellers Set
Future Release
Brand: Delta SKU: DL21004
Following on from the success of the Delta 21003 Model Builders Set, we are delighted to announce the introduction of the DL 21004 Anime Modellers Set. This contains the essentials needed to assemble the average anime model - Light Duty Sprue Cutters, a Fine FlexPad, round paintbrush, GSI Creos GM01..
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